Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. I'm having difficulty polishing and waxing my car, will detailing make this better?

    Yes. The difficulty is down to oxidation or contaminants bonded to the paint, making polishing an arm ache! Detailing removes these and leaves a clean smooth surface that is difficult for dirt to bond to. This makes subsequent washing and waxing simple and leaves a beautiful finish.

  2. My car is blotchy and some panels are different colours. Do I need a respray?

    No, your paint is oxidised. Detailing will restore the lustre and shine to the paint, and leave it protected against the UV rays that caused the damage.

  3. However much I polish my car, I can see spider webs and swirls in it in the sun. It never looks properly clean. Can this be fixed?

    Yes, Paint correction permanently removes these marks (caused by automated car washes, and grit on dirty car washing sponges and cleaning cloths) Leaving the deep, clear finish the paint had when it was new.

  4. How do you know how much to polish the car?

    We have invested more than £2000 in instruments that can measure not only the thickness of your paint, but also the thickness of the individual layers of paint.

  5. How long does it last?

    The removal of defects in the paint is permanent. How long the Wax layer continues to protect the paintwork depends on many factors such as where the vehicle is kept and how it is washed. The protection we apply lasts for anything from 6 months, to over 5 years for the latest hybrid ceramic coatings!

  6. I don't have the time to maintain the finish on my car, can you do this?

    Yes, we do everything to keep your car looking great. Pop back for a cleanup whenever it gets dirty.

  7. Do you offer a mobile service?

    Generally we prefer to work from our premises as this allows us to achieve a higher quality result. If its not convenient to drop your car off, then we offer a fully insured delivery and collection service. However, we understand that for some vehicles this is not an option. So if you can provide us with a covered area with water, light and power to work in we are happy work in a place convenient to you.

  8. My car needs paintwork, can you arrange this?

    Yes. We can arrange to have your car painted at our recommended paintshop, and returned to you protected and like new.

Here is a list of out most Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question here then please contact us.